At the bus stop

When you see your bus approaching, signal to the driver that you want them to stop.

Before boarding the bus, prepare your ticket, travelcard, or change (drivers cannot give change for notes over €20) .


Boarding the bus

On entering the bus, scan your card or ticket at the reader near the front door. Tickets which cannot be scanned must be shown to the driver.

Boarding is permitted through the front door only.

Please move towards the back of the bus to make it easier for other passengers to board.


On the bus

Hold onto the straps and support rails.

Please offer your seat to any person with reduced mobility (those using a wheelchair or other mobility aid, senior citizens, pregnant passengers...).


So that all passengers can travel in comfort

With the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired, only small pets are allowed on the bus on condition they are held in baskets.

Very large packages and bikes are not allowed on board.

If the bus is crowded, do not place your personal belongings on the seats.

For everyone’s comfort and to make sure that information on the intercom is audible, please use headphones with any personal listening device (smartphone, mp3 player...).

The bus is a non-smoking area and alcohol is pohibited on board. Do not dispose of your waste in the bus.

Please respect the  bus equipment. Do not put your feet on the seats.

For your safety

Wearing rollerblades, roller skates, or similar footwear is not permitted on board.

If the bus is full, please remove your backpack to avoid inconveniencing other passengers.

Pushing and shoving of passengers is strictly prohibited.

Hazardous substances are not allowed on the bus, and their possession is a criminal offence.


Getting off the bus

Before alighting, do not forget to ask the driver to stop by pressing the "arrêt demandé" button beforehand.

Passengers may only alight at official MAT stops.

Please exit the bus from the rear or side doors only.

Wait for the bus pull away before crossing the road--it’s safer!


Lost something in the bus?

Lost & found items are all brought to MAT's offices. For any question or request, please contact us by clicking here.